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We supply faux brick wall panels and brick effect cladding in various styles.

Bricking-it UK are experienced professional suppliers of faux brick wall panels across the UK. We supply faux brick effect cladding & panels to all types of customers including domestic residential, office, restaurants, bars, clubs and offices.

If you are looking for quality faux brick wall panels then look no further than Bricking It. The look we provide is completely natural and is ideal for any domestic or commercial customers.

We can supply you with our quality brick effect wall panels whether you are a designer, private client, landlord, architect or commercial clients. Our fake wall brickwork, wall stone, panel stone or brick effect cladding is an affordable and ideal choice for designer homes or commercial offices.

Our faux brick cladding is easy to install and will last for a very long time. Contact us for our fake brick wall panel range, we are happy to provide samples of our quality brick effect panels or cladding so you can make the most informed decision for your walls.

Faux Brick Sheets Panels

We use high quality materials for our faux brickwork panel sheets, ensuring that you have peace of mind when you use our products. You can call our team now to advise on your specific design needs and any custom styles you may desire so you get the faux brickwork panels to match.

You can choose between broken brick, flemish bond, London stock, warehouse and more! All our faux brick wall panels come in a variety of colours and finishes, leaving you with a wide range of fake brickwork to choose from.

Faux Brick Effect Cladding

Faux brickwork products usually refer to fake brick effect cladding or fake brick wall panels. Our faux brick wall panels are perfect for both domestic and commercial projects as they are lightweight and very easy to install. With our fake brick cladding, the fake brick effect panelling creates a rustic or contemporary  appearance, depending on the type of the fake brickwork that you choose for your panelling project. Choose convenience in style with our fake brick wall cladding!

If you are unsure about which faux brick style to choose – send us a photo of your current room and we will recommend faux wall panel options to suit.



What are faux brick work panels?

Faux brick wall panels are also known as brick effect cladding or brick veneer panels. Fake brick wall panelling is a decorative wall covering designed and plastered to look like brick or stone. Made with a a range of composite materials, the goal for our fake brick panelling is to create an affordable alternative to brickwork by creating a realistic brick surface that eliminates the challenges associated with the construction of real brick walls.

Faux (foh) brickwork is made from product moulds which are formed from real brick or stone – so you can get any desired faux brick work look for your home or business. 


Why use faux brick work?

There are several advantages in using our faux brick wall panels and cladding.

Our faux brick panels are manufactured using cheaper materials and are straightforward to install, ensuring a convenient and cost-effective solution to traditional brickwork. They provide a superior insulation performance than brick veneer and the insulation matches real brick in most cases. A typical R-value of faux brickwork is 5. Additionally, fake brick wall panels provide longevity as they are durable, which also guarantees low-maintenance care.

Our team has over 30 years of experience in supplying faux brickwork, and with that comes a guarantee in the highest quality faux brick wall panelling available in the UK and Ireland.


What is brick effect cladding?

Brick effect cladding refers to a type of fake brick wall cladding that acts as a wall facade that mimics the appearance of a tradition brick wall. Instead of using real bricks, we use a range of lightweight materials to helps to replicate the colour, patterns and texture of real bricks.

Our faux brick effect cladding is often used in a commercial and a residential setting, perfect for an office or new build homes. We also provide our fake brick cladding as props for the television industry, working closely with a range of big productions to create a realistic set for popular shows like Coronation Street, Eastenders and Sherlock Holmes.

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