What are faux brickwork panels made of?

We make faux brickwork panels with plaster. This is because:

It is a well-tested and enduring material – much of the decorative work you see in stately homes has been made this way
Plaster panels produce natural accoustics, so that your environment remains comfortable and authentic in every way
Plaster is very good at taking paint, to produce a beautiful finish
Plaster is lightweight, making it easy to install
Plaster is easy to patch and recolour, in the event that you accidentally chip your new wall

How are faux brickwork panels installed?
You are very welcome to install brickwork panels yourself if you have the skills. We also offer an installation service. Just call Jamie or Ray to discuss details.
Can I paint faux brickwork panels, as i would paint a wall?
Yes, you can. The beauty of using a traditional and well tested material like plaster means that you can paint the surface, pretty much as you would a wall.
Where can I install faux brickwork panels in my home?
There are very few limits. We have put faux brickwork panels in offices, bedrooms and even large bathrooms, away from washing areas. However, faux brick does not do well when directly exposed to water.
Can I put faux brickwork panels on the exterior of my home?
We can produce faux brickwork exterior effects. However, we use a different material so that your new wall is weatherproof. Call Ray or Jamie to discuss.
Can I see a sample of your faux brickwork?
We’re happy to provide faux brickwork samples. Please call Ray or Jamie.

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